TheOwls Live Timing

TheOwls Live Timing

Ski Race Live Timing System, available for all.

System Use

Our system has been designed to work at any size of Alpine Ski Race event,
from a single race competition to an International Championship Race Series.

We can also handle multiple races at the same time, taking feeds from different slopes, and combining the timings into a single output.
The live screen output can then be used on a device anywhere from a mobile phone on the side of a hill, or full screen by the commentator.

During a live competition we realise the control room can be a busy environment, therefore we have designed the system to be as automated as possible.
Once the system is started, it will automatically detect changes of race or run and publish the live times and provisional results accordingly.

For as little as £5 a day, you can have live timing available for all. You can be up and running with less than 15 minutes notice.
There is no requirement for one of our timing engineers to attend your venue, everything can be done remotely.

Timing Requirements

The system has been designed to work with the very latest version of Vola SkiAlp Pro, currently version 6. However it does have backward compatabilty with all SkiAlp Pro versions, and the older SkiPro version 2.

We realise that some timing systems may not be directly connected to a timing box, however we have a logic switch to handle this. What this means is that it is possible to provide live timing, with a person manually entering times into SkiPro.

Software Requirements

Our package is designed to work on all modern windows systems, basically if you can run the correct SkiPro version our software will work.
From Microsoft Windows 7 through to the latest Microsoft Windows 10.

The local timing collector application will also auto-update to make sure you are running the latest version with the newest features.

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